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Garbage Truck Smashes Into Bellevue Home

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A garbage truck crashed into a Bellevue home last week, leaving a gaping hole in the master bedroom.

Thanks to a miraculous set of coincidences, no one in the home was injured. The family who lives in the house was on vacation – a vacation that saved their 3-month-old baby’s life.

“The baby would have been sleeping up against that wall right after its lunch feeding when the accident happened,” said Josh Hesse, who worked in the recording studio housed in the basement of the house. Neither he nor his fellow employees were injured because they decided, on a whim, to work outside that day.

“Myself and my staff decided to enjoy the nice day, so we moved out in the backyard to a little gazebo we had,” Hesse said. “We were just talking about some business and we heard the sound of this truck just roaring down the hill in a low gear, then a significant bang. It sounded like an earthquake going off. The whole house shook.”

The truck in question was heading down a steep hill when the breaks malfunctioned, according to the fire department.

The family had finished rebuilding that wall after a similar car accident destroyed it a few years ago.

Hesse said it was a “miracle” that no one was seriously injured in the truck accident.

“It’s amazing how God works, isn’t it? He just facilitated the situation so everybody was safe,” Hesse said.

Any other day and this would have be a fatal truck accident. No serious injuries have been reported; the truck driver was taken to the emergency room after the accident, but he was reportedly conscious and speaking. We hope his injuries are not severe, and that PDQ, the garbage removal company, makes more thorough inspections of their trucks.

“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.” Job 9:10

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