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Bicyclists Death During Tennessee Cycling Event Due To Inclement Weather

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Inclement weather is to blame for a fatal bicycle accident in Chattanooga on May 4. The annual 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge bike ride had to mourn the loss of 49-year-old Antonio Jose Desousa Ribeiro of Jacksonville, Florida after the cyclist collided with a car during the 100-mile ride. Desousa Ribeiro was one of a few cyclists who decided to ride in the cold and rainy weather. Chattanooga police said he was headed downhill when he lost control of his bike due to the slick pavement and went into the path of a car traveling uphill.

Another participant, Michael Schwaid, said he pulled out of the race early because of the weather. Schwaid was warned at the top of the final mountain that the roads were very slick going down, but he decided to proceed anyway. Schwaid said he pulled out soon after his handlebars started shaking and he began to wobble on tight turns. Schwaid went on to say that Desousa Ribeiro‘s death was a tragedy, but he could understand why cyclists wanted to continue the ride through the poor conditions.

Often, cyclists are not seen until it is too late for a motorist to stop. Cyclists usually complain that cars do not share the road, as required by law. Too often, motorists are distracted, not paying attention to the road to see cyclists. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident due to a distracted driver, please call our Tennessee car accident lawyer today at (615) 866-3938 for a free consultation.

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