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New Bill to Ease the Burden of Injured Workers

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On April 29th, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed “The Worker’s Compensation Reform Act of 2013.” This new bill was proposed, because Haslam believed the old bill was inefficient and outdated. Before the new bill was passed, the process to determine benefits was so burdensome and time-consuming that it was preventing people seeking benefits from returning to work in a timely manner.

Under the old bill, applying for workers’ compensation was a lengthy process that involved filling out paperwork, paperwork and then more paperwork. After all the paperwork had been completed and submitted, the application went through the review process, at the end of which a decision was made as to whether or not the insurance company should pay the worker. The worker could then appeal the decision, which would take the case to the state’s civil courts. The new bill by contrast will streamline this process by providing more certainty for businesses as to what is required of them and making the application and dispute resolution processes shorter and more efficient. These changes to the workers’ compensation process should enable workers, who are already dealing with the burden of not being able to work after they are injured, to receive compensation quicker than before and return to work sooner than ever.

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