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Can I Sue an Automobile Parts Manufacturer?

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Safe driving is the first and foremost way to avoid being in a motor vehicle accident. However, even the safest of drivers can sustain catastrophic injuries if a part suddenly fails on their vehicle, or if a part’s failure on another vehicle causes a collision.

Part failures can be the cause of car accidentstruck accidents, fatal collisions, and more. If you have suffered injuries due to a part’s failure, you may be wondering about your options for legal action against the parts manufacturer.


Automobile part manufacturers have an obligation to make sure that their products are safe and reliable for the strains that an automobile goes through. These companies are making a profit, and they should be held accountable if their products are putting innocent people in harm’s way.

In many product liability cases, you need not have even purchased the product to have grounds for legal action, nor are you required to have used the product. Generally speaking, the only requirement is that you suffered serious harm due to some flaw or defect in the product. If a truck’s brakes are defective and you suffer catastrophic injuries due to a collision, then you have the option to sue the manufacturer of the defective brakes.

Because automobile parts change hands multiple times before they end up in your vehicle, there may be multiple parties that are responsible for the defect. These can include:

  • The parts factory
  • Designers
  • Quality assurance testers
  • Retail workers who handled the part
  • Mechanics who installed the part
  • Part refurbishers
  • Trucking companies

You do not have to determine who is responsible on your own. An experienced Tennessee injury attorney can work with you to determine who is truly at fault for the accident.

The process for determining fault in cases like this can be quite involved. Since each party wants to avoid responsibility, they will often blame each other for the accident. The manufacturer may claim that another facility installed the part wrong, or that the owner failed to replace it after it experienced severe wear and tear.

Contact a qualified Nashville injury lawyer to find out who is ultimately responsible for the equipment failure that led to your accident. You could receive compensation for your suffering and discourage the negligent party from repeating the same harmful mistake.

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