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Experts Say People on Mobility Scooters in Danger on Tennessee Roads

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According to a report in The Tennessean, mobility scooters present a hazard for those who cannot drive or ride a bicycle on Tennessee roads. Three deaths have occurred in middle Tennessee since July due to disabled people riding scooters on the roads during dark hours. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not regulate mobility scooters and no government data exists to keep track of the causes of scooter collisions or even the amount of crashes that occur. The government does not even refer to them with one term; often these scooter accidents are recorded as a pedestrian, wheelchair, or mobility scooter accidents.

Dr. Myron Laban, a rehabilitation physician, and professor at Oakland University in Detroit claimed that as the population ages faster, a solution to scooters on roads needs to be found. Laban began researching mobility scooter accidents and found that out of 107 accidents he researched, about half occurred at dusk, dawn, or night, and 94 percent involved an electric mobility device as opposed to a manual wheelchair. Six of the accidents Laban investigated were fatal.

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