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Do I Have Rights Following a Fatal Truck Accident?

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Did you know that you could file a wrongful death lawsuit following a commercial truck accident?

Sadly, each year, thousands of Americans are killed in commercial truck accidents because of driver errors, truck defects and/or reckless vehicle operation. In fact, it is estimated that more than 500,000 truck accidents occur each year, resulting in nearly 4,000 fatalities due to the violent nature of collisions.

Because of this, if you are a family member of a truck accident victim, you may have certain legal rights depending upon the circumstances of your loved one’s death. It may be possible that if you contact our Nashville truck accident attorney, you could file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Although the time following a truck accident death can be incredibly confusing for family members, the faster you can speak to our attorney, the faster he can begin working on your case. Remember, when it comes to truck accident claims, our attorney will want to review accident and driver records, as well as preserve evidence, in order to move forward with success.

If your loved one has died in a truck accident, any money you obtain through a lawsuit can help pay for items like funeral expenses and make up for the loss of his or her income. This will not help bring your family member back, but it can be incredibly accommodating in helping you overcome his or her loss.


We bring up this subject because on May 20, a teen was killed in a truck accident on North Lee Highway, in Bradley County.

According to WRCB-TV, the 17-year-old was stopped at a red light awaiting a turn when a logging truck was approaching an intersection near her vehicle. As the teen received a green light to turn left, the truck traveling in the other direction did not stop, hitting her driver’s side door. The accident remains under investigation and charges are pending.

As we noted above, truck accidents are often fatal. As this accident allegedly shows, driver errors can lead to death, as trucks are far bigger and weigh more than other vehicles on the road. If your loved is killed in a truck accident, although it may be incredibly difficult, sharing your story with our attorney may prove beneficial.

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