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Should I File a Lawsuit if I’m Injured by a Defective Takata Airbag?

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Have you been following the Takata airbag recall? You should—your health may be at-risk if you own one of the vehicles involved.

In the latest developments, Chrysler has announced that it will service an additional 3.3 million vehicles worldwide over the alleged airbag defects. According to USA Today, the current total of Chrysler vehicles containing the defective airbags in need of repairs is about 3.67 million.

The news outlet reported that neither “Chrysler nor Takata acknowledges that there is a known safety defect with the bags, which means the repairs and replacements technically need not be labeled [as a recall].”


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reportedly been pressuring automakers using Takata airbags to expand recall and maintenance efforts, as the airbags can allegedly explode and hit passengers with shrapnel. As of now, recall efforts have been geographical and limited to vehicles located in states with humid climates.

Currently, the recall (or repair) efforts involve 10 different automakers. If you are concerned about your vehicle or any recall effort, visit the website to search by its VIN to learn if your car is affected.


All of these manufacturers and Takata have a duty to make sure that the products and vehicles they sell are safe. People should not have to suffer because the companies neglected that duty. If a defective product like a recalled airbag injures you, find a Nashville personal injury lawyer to learn if you can obtain damages for injuries that require extensive medical treatment. This includes airbag injuries such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. Our attorney has a goal to lighten the stress placed on you and your family by holding the responsible party accountable on your behalf following an accident involving a defective product.

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