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Are Driverless Cars Actually Safe?

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Google has been testing driverless cars on the road for the past six years, and technology experts have been watching closely for clues as to when driverless cars could begin hitting the market and revolutionizing transportation. However, a new revelation about driverless car testing has people wondering if these so-called safer machines will actually be safer.

According to the Associated Press, previously unreported accidents have come to light. It turns out that as many as 11 driverless cars were involved in auto accidents during testing on normal roads and that Google did not go public with the information until the company was recently forced to admit to the problem.

According to Google, the driverless cars were, in fact, involved in collisions, but they were all the fault of other drivers, not the cars themselves. While this may be true, many are wondering if driverless cars are less able to avoid accidents even if the other driver was technically at fault.

While driverless car developers believe that driverless cars are better at anticipating accidents and avoiding collisions caused by other cars, others are skeptical. A big obstacle driverless car developers must overcome is proving that not only are their cars not at fault in accidents, but that they will be better than humans at avoiding accidents caused by other people.

The leading causes of car accidents are distracted driving, driving while under the influence, speeding and fatigued driving. Driverless cars are designed to eliminate these human problems, but they may be unequipped to handle roadways where drivers are forced to also deal with the unpredictability of other motorists. For now, Google continues testing the driverless car and attempting to bring the world closer to the future. Time can only tell whether the driverless car will become the standard.


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