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Cleveland, Tenn. Church Bus Accident Injures 15

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According to NBC News, on June 12, a church bus traveling from South Carolina went off the road in Cleveland, Tennessee, injuring 15 people.

The news outlet reported that injuries included broken bones and lacerations. Aboard the bus were teens, ages 11 to 17, from a Baptist church in Barnwell, South Carolina, who were traveling to Tennessee for a mission trip.

As of last week, the accident remained under investigation. Police said that some of the seats on the bus had seatbelts. “You saw a teenaged boy, he got out and he had blood all over his face. He was just pulling kids out. They were all screaming for help,” a witness told the news outlet.

The bus reportedly hit a concrete drain culvert in a ditch. “I’m not exactly sure what happened to cause the wreck, but the driver said he went off the road a little bit,” said Evie West, representative for the Cleveland Police Department, according to the Associated Press.


As this case shows, bus accidents can cause traumatic injuries. Often, this occurs because buses have significant space inside, where victims can fall or be thrown during a crash.

In this blog post from last fall, we discussed why church bus accidents occur. Some of the most common reasons these crashes occur include tire blowouts, auto part defects and driver error. If your loved one is injured or killed in a bus accident, you should contact our Nashville vehicle accident attorney to discuss a possible investigation.

Our lawyer can help determine why an accident occurred, whether it was because of driver negligence, overcrowding in the vehicle, lack of vehicle maintenance and/or defective equipment.

Follow our blog and visit us on Facebook for more information about how our attorney helps Nashville-area vehicle accident victims. We will continue to pray for those involved in this crash.

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