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Tips for Avoiding a Nashville Pedestrian Accident

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Sadly, a Franklin teen was killed recently in a pedestrian accident with a train, as he was walking along a crossing near his home with headphones on.

According to the Tennessean, the teen, 17, was walking with his back to an oncoming freight train and had earbuds on when he was struck near the Liberty Pike crossing, not far from his home, on May 29.

The news outlet said that the teen was on his way to walk to a business where his girlfriend works. The teen had allegedly just finished his junior year at Centennial High School. The accident remains under investigation, although an initial report suggests that the train’s horn was functioning and used when the teen was struck.


In order to avoid a pedestrian accident, in general, people walking should try to avoid:

  • Jaywalking
  • Walking around train crossings
  • Listening to loud music and not paying attention to surroundings
  • Not following posted signs including lights directing traffic
  • Walking in dark areas with limited lighting

Keep in mind, if your loved one is involved in a pedestrian accident, it may be possible that someone else’s negligence played a role in the incident. Sadly, in some circumstances, there is little a person can do to avoid being in a collision.

By speaking to an attorney following a pedestrian accident, you could potentially ensure that your loved one’s case is investigated by a third party to determine if negligence played a role.

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