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Can I Hold a Driver Liable for a Poor Weather Accident?

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We have been blogging recently about vehicle accidents relating to bad winter weather and providing readers with driving safety tips. We do this because we continually read stories about people who have been injured or killed in Tennessee due to poor winter weather and driver carelessness.

In one recent example, sadly, on February 17, a woman and her young son were killed on Interstate 65 in Williamson County after a truck hit them while they were attempting to help stranded motorists who were involved in an accident.

According to WATE-TV, the victims were struck by a tractor-trailer as they were attempting to help the occupants of an SUV that had crashed after sliding on black ice. The mother and son were outside of their vehicle when it was struck by the tractor-trailer. In addition to the pair that was killed, some of the occupants of the SUV, which was also struck, were critically injured.

As this case shows, if the weather conditions are poor outside, it may be in your best interest to avoid driving. If you cannot avoid driving, make sure that you avoid mistakes that can cause accidents like speeding or tailgating.

Additionally, if you are ever stranded on the roadway due to an accident or you see an emergency, make sure that you call local officials or roadside assistance as soon as possible. It may be a good idea to stay in your vehicle rather than assist victims or move about if you are injured or stuck.


Remember, even if the conditions outside are poor, if you are responsible for an accident, you can be held liable. There are no excuses for unsafe driving habits in poor weather conditions. If you cannot drive due to poor weather conditions, you should avoid the roadway or pullover. Additionally, you should take every precaution you can to ensure that other drivers and passengers on the road are safe, as you could be held liable for a collision.

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