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Eight Seniors Injured in Hermitage Tram Accident

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Sadly, eight seniors were recently injured in a tram accident at McKendree Village in Hermitage.

WSMV-TV reported that the elderly passengers were riding the tram in a parking lot, as the facility hired an amusement company to provide residents with entertainment. The novelty tram reportedly toppled over as the driver was coming down from an incline, resulting in multiple injuries as victims were violently thrown.

The driver told investigators that the brakes were not working properly or ineffective when the crash took place. A police officer investigating the accident told WSMV that the tram might not have been designed to hold the weight of all of the passengers, as there were 12 adults on the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Seven of the victims reportedly had to be transported to a local hospital for treatment. The Tennessee Department of Labor is reportedly involved in an investigation into the incident, as the agency regulates train services within the Volunteer State.


As this incident shows, transportation accidents involving large trains or trams can lead to devastating injuries, including broken bones, back injuries and brain injuries. If you have been injured, it is important to speak to an attorney about conducting a third-party investigation into your accident to determine if negligence contributed to a crash.

You may be able to hold a transportation company liable for your injuries, if it is determined that carelessness or a lack of maintenance was a factor in your accident. Any money you receive from a lawsuit can be incredibly important when paying for injury rehabilitation.

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