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Tennessee Senate Prepares Workers’ Compensation Bill

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The Tennessee Senate has prepared a workers’ compensation bill for the next legislative session that would make significant changes in workers’ compensation for Tennessee businesses and employees if passed. The bill offers employers the opportunity to opt-out of carrying workers’ compensation from a private insurer or the state-run Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Insurance Plan. In lieu of a private insurer, employers would have the option of becoming self-insured, providing a benefit plan for occupational injuries.

The bill has been revised from an earlier version to increase benefits to injured employees, but some are still cautious about the potential damage it could do to employees. One lawmaker argued that while the cost-reduction benefits would be good for employers, workers who are injured may not get the care they will need. The bill’s sponsor, however, argues that employers will have an incentive to cover as much of their employer’s costs as possible, because the lack of workers’ compensation insurance opens them up to potential litigation. It remains to be seen what the final bill will look like, but Tennessee lawmakers plan on taking it up during the later 2015-2016 legislative session.


Workers’ compensation is an already complex matter, and with potential changes to the law coming up, it could get even more confusing. A workers’ compensation attorney’s job is to help clients understand what steps they should take to claim workers’ comp and to help them get the best care and financial support possible. If you have questions about what happens when you are hurt on the job, don’t hesitate to contact a Nashville workman’s comp attorney. Follow our blog to learn more about Tennessee workers’ comp laws, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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