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Tennessee Mechanic Dies in Freak Accident at Work

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An explosion occurred at a trucking company in Knox County earlier this month. According to an Arson Investigation Unit, the explosion destroyed a work truck and a semi-truck. While the local fire department was able to get the fire under control, a 43-year-old worker suffered severe burn injuries and later died at a hospital.


According to the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA), workplace accidents are on the rise this year. Since January, 22 workers have died in fatal workplace accidents, almost half of which were due to construction accidents. Just in July, 10 workers lost their lives in construction accidents.

TOSHA’s director is urging companies to put a stop to this rising trend immediately, saying if this trend continues, there will be a 36 percent increase in fatal workplace accidents compared to 2016.


In order to protect employees and decrease the alarming number of workplace accidents in Tennessee, employers can do the following to keep workers safe:

  • Conduct safety stand down meetings – Hold a “stand down” meeting to have a discussion on recognizing and correcting workplace hazards.
  • Take a pledge – Have all departments pledge to work together (especially with employees on the “front lines” and most at risk for workplace hazards) and make the workplace a safe, healthy, happy place to work.
  • Make a safety and health program – Establish and consistently implement a safety and health program that requires full involvement from workers.
  • Encourage workers to report any injuries – More often than you would think, minor injuries go unreported and become much larger injuries later on as a result of an uncorrected workplace hazard.
  • Utilize available resources – TOSHA offers free on-site consultations to help businesses better understand TOSHA standards and comply with them

If you’ve suffered an injury resulting from a workplace accident in Tennessee, contact a workers’ compensation attorney immediately to help you navigate through the process of filing a claim. Workers’ compensation can help ensure you receive help with medical bills and any lost wages that result from your injury.

The Law Office of Stanley A. Davis is a Nashville workers’ compensation law firm that helps those who have sustained on-the-job injuries.

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