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How Does Tennessee Recognize Motorcycle Awareness Month?

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Are you planning to take your motorcycle out this spring and summer?

In an effort to raise awareness about motorcycle accidents, the Tennessee Department of Transportation will be participating in national Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month this May.

This year, the agency is spreading the message “Share the Road.” According to a press release, motorcycle fatalities in the Volunteer State have increased by about 25 percent over the past 10 years. In 2014, TDOT reported that there were 2,710 motorcycle accidents in the state, leading to the death of 121 people.

“When a car collides with a motorcyclist, it is much different from a crash between two cars,” Tennessee Highway Patrol Col. Tracy Trott said in the release. “A motorcyclist has little defense against the tons of steel that will hit them.”

For more information about the “Share the Road” campaign, you can click here. Unfortunately, in many cases, other drivers on the road contribute to motorcycle crashes. This is why it is important for drivers to share the road and be respectful of motorcyclists. In April, we posted a blog post with tips about how Tennessee drivers and motorcyclists can work together to reduce motorcycle accident risks.


Aside from death, motorcycle accidents can result in serious personal injuries, like spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations and broken bones, because motorcycles offer fewer protections than other vehicles on the road.

If you are an injury victim, by speaking to an attorney, you can hold a driver liable. An attorney can help you determine responsibility following a motorcycle accident—Tennessee has modified comparative fault laws, meaning you can still obtain money even if you were partially at-fault for an accident. This can be incredibly useful when paying for rehabilitation and therapy.

Our Nashville injury lawyer represents motorcycle accident victims from all over Tennessee. To quickly share your story, you can click on the chat option above.

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