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TDOT Worker Injured in Roadside Accident

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WKRN-TV reported that a 62-year-old man died in Williamson County on November 9 after his car crashed into the back of a Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) truck.

The station reported that the accident occurred on State Route 840, near the Sedberry Road overpass. The man was driving a 2008 Saturn that was traveling east on the roadway when it hit the back of the TDOT truck.

The driver of the TDOT truck, 37, was outside of the vehicle picking up trash when the accident occurred. However, the impact of the crash injured him as he was knocked over a guardrail. He was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

The accident remains under investigation. According to a TDOT representative, since the agency began keeping records in the 1940s, 109 workers have been killed on Tennessee roads while performing tasks.


As we reported in our blog earlier this year, Tennessee has a law aimed at protecting workers from accidents when they are on the side of the road dubbed the “Move Over Law.”

If you have space near your vehicle while you are driving and there is an emergency or work vehicle on the road, if you do not change lanes and come close to approaching the vehicle, you can be ticketed.

Remember, if you cause a vehicle accident and kill or injure a worker because of reckless driving, you can be held liable. Through a lawsuit, a victim can attempt to obtain damages for their loss of income, emotional distress, medical bills and pain and suffering.

Even though the Move Over Law pertains to certain vehicles, you should be using caution around any disabled automobile on the side of the road, not just emergency or work vehicles. Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!

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