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Why was Nashville’s Bomb Squad Required During a Surgery?

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An unusual and horrifying incident occurred that required Nashville’s bomb squad to provide assistance in a surgery. Earlier this month, a man and his friends were playing with fireworks. The man loaded an artillery shell incorrectly and held the reloadable mortar tube above his head to shoot the firework into the sky. However, the artillery shell blasted downwards into the man’s head.

After being rushed to the hospital, the doctors discovered an active two-inch shell still lodged in the man’s skull and immediately called Metro police’s bomb squad for fear it would explode. Luckily, the device did not explode and, despite having lost brain matter, the man survived and is recovering.


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are approximately 9,125 fireworks injuries each year. This is usually includes incidents where a firework ignites too close to the users or when a firework explodes in someone’s hand. However, when a firework is defective, the resulting injuries can be more severe.

Injuries from defective fireworks can be caused by poor manufacturing, design and a lack of safety warnings, which can result in any one of the following incidents:

  • Fireworks with poor design can take unpredictable flight paths, resulting in burn injuries or damaged property
  • Poorly manufactured fireworks can explode prematurely, resulting in serious burn injuries to anyone in the vicinity
  • Defective fireworks could have a delayed explosion, which can cause users to approach prematurely and get caught in a blast

Fireworks have become a huge part of American culture, especially around holidays. However, they can be among the most hazardous entertainment products available. That said, anyone who purchases any type of firework, even and especially for children, must execute extreme caution. Parents, in particular, should read over all warning labels prior to use. Should the worst happen and an injury occurs, do not assume it was due to user error. Contact an attorney to examine the circumstances and determine what steps you should take.

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