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What Caused This SUV Rollover Accident Near West Nashville?

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Earlier this month, a man died in an SUV rollover accident while traveling on Interstate 40 near West Nashville. According to the Nashville Police Department, the driver veered off to the side of the road, tried to correct himself and lost control of the vehicle. He was ejected during the rollover crash and was taken to the hospital, where he would later die from his injuries.

While police did find alcohol at the scene which could have played a role in why the driver veered off the road, the rollover could have been due to an SUV design flaw.


Unfortunately, SUVs are particularly susceptible to rollover accidents. SUVs tend to have less stability because they usually have a higher center of gravity along with less width between the left and right wheels. The stability of the vehicle decreases exponentially when passengers and cargo are loaded into the SUV. Trucks, on the other hand, tend to have less steering capacity to navigate on sharp turns and corners. Minivans are also susceptible to rollovers because of their raised suspension, especially when packed full of passengers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 15 percent of all rollover crashes involved another vehicle. Most other rollovers are either “tripped” or “un-tripped” accidents. Tripped rollover accidents occur when a vehicle is sliding sideways and hits a curb, uneven surface, digs into the soil, a guardrail or something of the sort. This object or surface the vehicle “trips” into causes the vehicle to rollover. An un-tripped rollover accident occurs when the vehicle swerves at a high speed to avoid a collision with an object, avoid a car crash or to correct a turn.


If you are injured in a rollover accident, several parties can be held responsible. If a “roof crush” occurred, it may be possible to hold the vehicle manufacturer liable, as the support structure failed to hold. In car accidents involving more than one vehicle, it may be possible to hold other drivers responsible if they were negligent while driving. In any rollover accident case, it is best to consult with an attorney to help you determine your rights moving forward.

Stanley A. Davis is a Nashville personal injury attorney that fights for those injured in SUV rollover accidents.

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