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Army Engineers Help Nashville Employees Avoid Fall Injuries at Work

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Nashville workers really experienced the height of quality training for fall rescue and protection training. Recently, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Operations Division recruits and Nashville District teamed up to design the best possible courses for Tennessee workers to avoid fall injuries at work.

The courses involve rescue training, authorized user information, competent person and competent rescuer training. The Nashville District Chief stated that while the goal is to prevent falls from happening at the workplace, they still occur and the point of these courses is to train workers on what to do.


So far, the classes have been widely popular amongst district workers, maintenance workers, electricians, safety staff and mechanics. Though the classes vary, most are very pro-active. One class, for example, has the attendees hanging from buildings and metal ladders for the majority of the session time to allow them to practice hands-on exercises that closely imitate field scenarios. These classes also teach the attendees to rescue themselves in self-rescue scenarios, as well as how to properly assist other fall victims.

Courses are also available on specific topics in addition to fall protection courses that cover hazard elimination, regulations, control methods, and inspections. The Operations Safety officer said these courses are especially important for mechanics, construction workers, electricians and engineers who work with these circumstances daily.

A senior trainer takes this course very seriously, as he says falls among the most common causes of serious injuries that occur at the workplace. Rescues for fall victims must be planned and coordinated, and they call for thoughtful approaches that do not endanger any other workers while retrieving the victim in a timely manner.


Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that employers provide workers with fall protection safety gear, many facilities fail to provide both gear and proper training courses. The courses that the Corps, Division and Operations came together to design should be applicable to other employees who work at dangerous heights. Perhaps these three safety-oriented divisions could combine their powers with the state’s to create a better-trained work force for Tennessee.

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