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Tennessee Country Singer Craig Morgan’s Son Found Dead After a Tragic Boating Accident

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Craig Morgan, a prominent country music singer, lost his son this month after a boating accident on the Tennessee River. The Humphreys County Sheriff’s Department recovered the body of the 19-year-old in the Kentucky Lake area. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the victim had been tubing with a friend during the accident. After the accident, the friend resurfaced, but the victim did not in spite of the fact both were wearing life jackets.


It is fairly common for people to underestimate the risks of operating watercrafts compared to the risk of driving a car. However, boating accidents can be catastrophic and are not limited to crashes. Types of boating accidents can also include capsizing (when a boat turns over), swamping (when a boat floods with water), slip and fall accidents, falling overboard and watersport accidents. However, there are steps you can take to avoid these accidents, including:

  • Staying sober while boating. This includes passengers who are more susceptible to falling overboard while drinking alcohol
  • Do not speed
  • Inspect your boat regularly and properly maintain all the equipment
  • Always wear a life jacket
  • Hydrate while you’re on the boat
  • Keep an emergency radio on
  • Plan in advance and keep an eye out for inclement weather

For those who seek a thrill from water sports, it is important to watch for rip tides, which can occur along the coastline. You can keep an eye out for riptides by spotting foamy water moving in a narrow channel. While it depends on the type of water sport activities or vehicles used, riders must know how to operate the equipment and understand safety procedures. Additionally, water skiers or other personal watercraft riders must take another person with them out on the water, just in case.

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