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How Likely Are Seat Belts to Prevent Ejections in Car Crashes?

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multi-vehicle crash on I-65 southbound recently left nine people injured, some seriously, after a Suburban violently rolled over. According to police, a driver and witness reported that a gray minivan attempted to change lanes when it came into the path of another vehicle, a Nissan Sentra. The driver of that vehicle swerved into an emergency lane and overcorrected, sending it across two lanes of traffic. It then struck the Suburban, causing it to roll across four lanes of traffic before coming to rest against a guardrail. The Sentra was then struck by a Mazda, sending both vehicles into the concrete barrier. The Mazda was then hit by a Mercedes Benz.

Eight people, all in their 70s, were inside the Suburban when the accident happened. The driver was wearing a seat belt but none of the passengers were. Two of the passengers were ejected from the Suburban as it rolled.


More than half of all people killed in car accidents in the United States are not wearing seat belts at the time, according to the CDC. Additionally, people not wearing seat belts are 30 times more likely to be ejected from a vehicle during a crash. More than three out of four people who are ejected during a crash die from their injuries.

While you are not legally required to wear a seat belt in Tennessee unless you are riding in a front seat, it is a good idea to do so anyway. Seat belts remain the most effective tool for preventing injuries or death in car accidents.