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Takata Files for Bankruptcy Following Massive Airbag Recall

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Takata Corp., the company responsible for the largest recall in United States history due to defective airbags, has filed for bankruptcy. Despite this, those who require vehicle repairs resulting from the airbags will continue to receive those repairs.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said that the recall could eventually affect one-fourth of all vehicles in the United States. The defective airbags contain ammonium nitrate propellant that can degrade, especially in humid conditions. This degradation can lead to explosions, which can spray shrapnel throughout the interior of affected vehicles. Several people have died due to these explosions and many more have been injured. The recall is so vast that it covers models from several automobile brands, including ones that have not been in production for years, such as Saab, Saturn, Pontiac, Scion and Mercury.

Earlier this year, Takata admitted to manipulating and withholding information about the faulty airbag inflators for years, even after they started exploding. It pleaded guilty in the United States for wire fraud and will have to pay $1 billion in reparations, including $125 million to go to the victims and families affected by the dangerous defects.

So far, an estimated 35 percent of affected vehicles have had their inflators replaced. The recall process could continue until 2023.

If you own a vehicle in the United States, it is important to make sure that your car is not affected by the Takata airbag recall. If it is, it is important to immediately seek the necessary repairs.

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