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Nashville Truck Accident Lawyer Reviews Wrongful Death Case in a Fatal Semi-Truck Accident

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In Sumner County, Tennessee a tragic semi-truck accident resulted in the death of Freeda Simmons, an emergency room nurse at the Nashville hospital. The accident was caused by a BFI trash dumpster falling off of its trailer, which also dislodged the trailer. Ms. Simmons and another driver wrecked into both the dumpster and trailer.

The semi-truck accident investigated by the Tennessee Highway Patrol via post-crash inspections determined the cause of the accident to be the negligence of the BFI waste driver failing to properly secure the dumpster and trailer. The National Transportation Safety Board is aiming to create stricter regulations, hoping to prevent and decrease these types of fatal truck driver accidents.

The semi-truck industry is complex and is often difficult to navigate through. Exactly who will be held liable can often be a confusing matter. Any of the parties involved may be considered liable for negligence, and will likely attempt to shift blame. Ultimately, the liability falls with the party who was negligent in their duty to ensure the truck was functioning properly.

Contact our Nashville truck accident attorney for more information if you or someone you love was injured or involved in a semi-truck accident. If any type of equipment failure or malfunction led to wrongful death or injury, you may be eligible for compensation for your pain and suffering.

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