Hit Near a Construction Zone in Tennessee?

Nashville Dump Truck Accident Lawyer for Personal Injury Claims

Dump trucks are a common sight around Nashville construction zones. However, given their heavy cargo, an accident involving a dump truck is especially dangerous. If a dump truck hits a smaller car, the driver and passengers are at risk for serious personal injuries, including spine and brain injuries.

Keep in mind that it is not always clear who exactly is to blame after any kind of commercial vehicle crash. Remember that there are more parties involved than just the truck driver and you. However, Nashville dump truck accident lawyer Stanley A. Davis starts considering who could be at fault immediately. Did negligence cause the accident? Was the truck properly maintained? He understands how to investigate truck accidents and is familiar with the complex laws involved in dump truck accident cases. He can help you hold negligent trucking and construction companies accountable for the accidents they cause. Below we discuss the most common types of accidents and who may be at fault for the truck accident.

Most Common Types of Dump Truck Accidents

The most common types of dump truck accidents include:

  • Rear-end accidents. When a dump truck is fully loaded, it takes much longer to come to a complete stop than when it is empty. Inexperienced or improperly trained drivers often do not account for this difference, resulting in a rear-end collision. Old or faulty brakes can also contribute to this kind of accident.
  • Truck rollover accidents. If the cargo is not secured or has been carelessly loaded by a construction company, it may shift as the truck moves. This can throw the dump truck off balance, causing a rollover accident. If the dump truck rolls onto a smaller vehicle, serious injuries or even wrongful death are likely results.
  • Blind spot accidents. Like all large trucks, dump trucks have substantial blind spots. When truck drivers fail to check their blind spots before turning or merging, they run the risk of hitting smaller cars.
  • Construction zone accidents. Dump trucks routinely travel between construction sites and landfills or factories to pick up or drop off cargo. When these construction sites are near roads or busy thoroughfares, dump truck drivers must take care to enter and carefully to avoid collisions.
  • Lost load accidents. The cargo that dump trucks carry is often heavy building material or debris. When improperly loaded or secured, this cargo can break free while the truck is on the road. Falling dirt, gravel or debris can cause serious damage to any nearby cars or pedestrians, and possibly fatal secondary accidents.

Who Is at Fault for a Dump Truck Accident?

Like all trucking accidents, dump truck crashes are often complicated because they usually involve more than one person or company. A truck rental service may own a dump truck and lease it to a construction company or other business. The truck driver may work for either of these companies, or even a third party. As a result, it can be difficult to determine who is liable for the damages caused by dump truck accidents.

In general, the person or company who actually owns the truck is responsible for any accidents and injuries. In Tennessee, these companies must insure all of their vehicles in case of an accident. Therefore, if you are injured in a dump truck accident, this insurance should cover your medical bills and other expenses. However, sometimes these companies will try to deny liability or blame you or someone else for the accident. When this happens, an experienced dump truck accident lawyer in Nashville should begin investigating right away.

What Should I Do After a Dump Truck Accident?

After a dump truck accident, or any accident on the road, your first priority should always be getting medical care for your injuries. Even if you feel fine directly after the accident, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes, it can be days before you start feeling symptoms of crash injuries such as whiplash. Going to the doctor right away can help identify these kinds of injuries as well as help your insurance claim. You are free to see whatever doctor you choose, although the insurance company may ask for an independent medical examination before they approve your claim.

The truck owner’s insurance policy should reimburse you for your medical expenses and other bills. However, insurance companies work for their clients, not the victims of accidents. Therefore, you should contact a Nashville dump truck accident lawyer before you speak to an insurance company. Already talked to an insurance agent? All is not lost; it is never too late to contact a lawyer. An attorney can help ensure that the insurance company does not try to deny your rightful claim.

Do You Have More Questions about Dump Truck Crashes?

If you sustained serious personal injuries in a dump truck accident, Stan Davis may be able to help. He knows what it takes to stand up to big insurance companies that may try to offer you low settlements. If necessary, he will take the fight to the courtroom so that you get the compensation you deserve.

In the past, Stan has represented truck accident victims from across Tennessee, including residents of Franklin, Gallatin, Hendersonville and Murfreesboro. Contact our law firm online or call our office to schedule a free consultation with a dump truck accident lawyer in Nashville.

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