Dangers of an Overloaded or Overweight Truck

Nashville Truck Accident Attorney on Violations of Semi Weight Restrictions

Semi trucks, 18 wheelers and tractor trailers can present a great danger to everyone on Tennessee roads and highways. Due to their sheer size, trucking companies and their drivers must follow all trucking regulations to help minimize accident and injury risks to the public. However, when these regulations and other trucking laws are violated, our law firm has seen how an overweight truck can cause devastating injuries and death to those in nearby vehicles.

Immediately after an overweight or overloaded truck accident, and after receiving any necessary medical attention, truck accident victims need to contact an attorney. The truck company will already be sending its legal representation and insurance agents to the scene of the accident. Victims must act quickly to have their own attorney to ensure all evidence is preserved.

Nashville truck accident attorney Stanley A. Davis has been handling these cases for over 15 years, and he knows exactly what to do to demand evidence be saved and begin an investigation into the causes of the accident to uphold your legal rights.

What are the Laws About Overweight Trucks?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, imposes rules and regulations for the trucking industry. Commercial trucks cannot carry loads exceeding 80,000 pounds. However, truck companies and truckers may push these limits or violate loading truck safety rules to cut costs and avoid having to drive a second truck to make a delivery.

When a truck is overweight, braking is more difficult, the risk of rollover increases and tire blowouts are more common. Truck accidents caused by overweight or overloaded cargo are preventable and should never occur. The weight limit trucking laws are in place for a reason: overweight trucks tipping over or otherwise causing collisions to present a real danger to all motorists on the road.

What to Do If You Have Been Hit by an Overweight Truck

After a truck crash, make sure emergency services are called and medical attention is given to anyone in need. As soon as you are able, contact a local truck accident attorney. If you are unable to do so yourself, have a close relative or friend call a lawyer on your behalf.

The truck company and its insurance carrier will be on the scene of the accident right away. It is important to have your own attorney who can demand all evidence be preserved and conduct an independent investigation.

Possible evidence you may need to preserve in a truck accidents includes the:

  • Semi truck itself
  • Tires
  • Skid marks on the road
  • Log books
  • Electronic databases
  • Tractor-trailer cargo

Without an attorney contacting the truck company to make this legal demand, essential evidence may be destroyed or go missing.

Your truck accident attorney will have an independent investigator to examine the scene, help reconstruct the accident and determine fault. This includes, but is not limited to, investigating the weight of the truck at the time of impact and whether this was a cause or contributing factor in the truck accident.

Nashville Truck Accident Attorney Representing Residents and Out-of-State Visitors

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We take most injury cases on a contingency basis, which means you only pay attorney fees if you receive a settlement or verdict for your case. You do not need any money up front for us to investigate your truck accident. Find out the truth of what happened and get the money you deserve for any hospital bills, property damage, lost wages or other damages the truck accident has caused. Call us now.

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