Injured in a Commercial Trucking Accident?

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A loaded semi truck can weigh over 60 tons, requires over 400 feet of stopping distance at 65 mph. Compare this to the stopping distance of just over 160 feet for a car. Additionally, a truck has enough force to punch through the side of a building. It is no wonder why this amount of power can be devastating to car drivers, passengers and motorcycle riders.

The law requires commercial truck operators to follow a strict set of rules to promote safe roadways. However, sometimes truck drivers or their companies fail to follow state and federal regulations. These reckless actions can cause other motorists serious and sometimes deadly injuries.

With an emphases on faith, family and serving his community, Nashville truck accident lawyer Stanley A. Davis works hard to help clients get their lives back on the right track after a serious accident. Crashes involving large trucks are complex matters, but you do not have to face this kind of lawsuit alone. Stanley Davis investigates accidents where trucking companies or truck drivers break these rules to hold them responsible for your suffering or loss.

Who is Responsible for the Injuries and Damages Caused by Truck Accidents?

Just like a car accident, a variety of factors may contribute to a truck crash. Since most semi trucks are owned and operated by commercial shipping companies, many different people may share the responsibility for a single vehicle. As a result, several different parties may be liable for your truck accident injuries. These include:

  • The trucking company. According to federal trucking laws, companies that own and/or operate a commercial truck must have insurance on that vehicle. Therefore, if driver error or any negligence by the company itself cause a truck crash, the trucking company is usually liable.
  • The truck manufacturer. Sometimes, a design or manufacturing defect in the truck itself may cause a crash. In this case, the truck or part manufacturer is usually responsible for the injuries and damages that result.
  • The shipping or loading company. In some cases, unsecured or improperly loaded cargo may shift during transport, causing a trucking accident. If so, the company responsible for loading the truck is often accountable for the damages.
  • The driver. Although driver error is a leading cause of truck accidents, the driver is usually not personally liable for the crash if it happened during the course of his or her employment. However, if the driver owns the truck and/or is an independent contractor, he or she may be responsible for a crash.

What Do I Need for a Successful Trucking Accident Claim?

Most truck crashes result from negligence by the trucking company or the truck driver. In both of these cases, you should be able to file a claim for your injuries and damages with the trucking company’s insurance provider. However, after an accident, representatives from the trucking or insurance company often attempt to settle with victims out of court. This allows them to avoid taking responsibility, often for less than the damages are truly worth. Sometimes, the insurance adjuster may even try to shift blame to you or another party.

Therefore, if a truck driver or trucking company’s negligence caused your accident, it is important to thoroughly investigate the situation to establish fault. Determining fault after a truck accident can make or break your ability to combat unfair settlement offers. For a strong case, certain pieces of evidence may prove essential:

  • The truck driver’s log book.
  • Eyewitness statements.
  • The truck’s “black box,” which contains information about the truck at the time of the accident.
  • Additionally, any information regarding the previous violations of trucking laws by the company or driver is useful.

The only way to fight big trucking companies and their insurance providers is by using solid evidence that supports your truck accident claim. However, the task of gathering evidence can be difficult. This is especially true when you are dealing with severe injuries, or your family is grieving the loss of a loved due to a deadly trucking crash. But you do not have to file a truck accident claim alone.

Truck accident lawyer Stanley Davis has helped many clients receive compensation above and beyond the initial offers from these companies. He can handle the entire legal process for you, so you and your loved ones can focus on what is truly important: beginning to heal.

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Help is available if you or a family member was hurt in a collision involving a large truck. In fact, Stanley Davis has assisted many others facing similar challenges like what you are facing now. Our law firm has a history of success with these kinds of cases throughout Tennessee, and we can use that experience to bring about a positive outcome to your truck accident claim.

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